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You should use this site as a resource to find exactly what you need to enter the exciting world of mixed martial arts, or expand your MMA career as a fighter, coach, gym owner or business professional in San Luis Potosi.

The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) was developed to bridge the gap between fitness training, sports conditioning science, MMA training methods, and direct application from the ring, octagon, mat or cage. The training concepts and methods are also easily applied to the fitness enthusiast who wants an intense and effective mixed martial arts workout in San Luis Potosi. The MMACA also provides you with cutting edge MMA and fitness business strategies for your total financial success.


The MMA Conditioning Association and its staff of educators, exercise physiologists, dietitians, biomechanists, strength coaches, sports psychology experts, physical therapists, massage therapists, professors, kinesiologists and business professionals have joined with the world’s top pro boxers, elite wrestlers, BJJ players, Muay Thai coaches, American kickboxers, MMA fighters and coaches to bring you the most comprehensive mixed martial arts fitness and conditioning program ever developed for athletes and coaches in San Luis Potosi.




Country is Mexico (MX):

Region is: San Luis Potosi

Cities are:  Ahualulco Alvares Aquism=n Arista Axtla C Cedral Cerritos Charcas Ciudad Del Mafz Ciudad Valles El Charquillo El Naranjo Escalerillas Fern Guadalc Huehuetl Huichihuay La Pila Las Ardillas Los Zacatones Matehuala Moctezuma Poza Ray=n Rfo Verde Salinas San Ciro De Acosta San JosT Del Tinto San Luis Potosf San Martin Santa Marfa Del Rfo Soledad Tamasopo Tamazunchale Tamufn Tancanhuitz Tanquian Tierranueva Troje Cabras Venado Verdes Villa De Reyes Villa Hidalgo Xilitla Zaragoza

Latitude: 22.0278260869565 Longitude: -99.9571739130435